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This memorial website was created in the memory of Charles (Chuck) Sanders Jr.  Loving husband, dedicated father, loyal friend, mentor, hero and amazing CH-47 crew member. Chuck lived his childhood as an Army brat and followed in his Father's footsteps by  joining the Army.  He was a Flight Engineer on a CH-47 stationed in Germany.  Shortly after arriving in Germany his unit was assigned to duty in Afghanistan.  On April 6, 2005, during his tour in Afghanistan, the aircraft Chuck was on ran into bad weather and crashed.  He left behind a beautiful wife, Gwen and 2 awesome children, Drake and Sydney.  He touched many lives personally and proffessionally and will be missed dearly.

Tributes and Condolences
A true family man and dedicated friend   / Ryan And Lisa Galovics (Friends)
I will always and forever remember all the laughter joy and tears we shared. I will never forget the birth of Sydney. Seeing the proud look on his face and him placing Sydney in my arms is a memory I will carry with me forever. Ryan and I have many m...  Continue >>
Chuck  / Roger G. (Friend)
I loved Chuck Like  brother, I still shed a tear for him tonight. I cried the night I learned Chuck had passed away. I wished it had been me insted. He was and will always be the Best 47 crewchief. I will never forget camping with him and Gwen. ...  Continue >>
Chuck  / Clifford-Daniel Prater (Co-Worker)
I worked with Chuck while in AIT Chinook School in Ft. Eustis and then later in Alaska at Ft. Wainwright. When I first knew him all he could talk about was how good a wrestler he was and showed a arogant ora about him. But he still was a good worker ...  Continue >>
Fallen Comrade   / Christopher Koth (12th AVN BDE )
I never knew Chuck personally, or any his crew.  I did know WO1 Adrian Stump of the other chinook crew who gave all in Afghanistan.  I can imagine some of what sorrow you may have as I went through flight school with Stump.  
Continue >>
Thank you   / Keri (passerby)
Thank you for the sacrifice you and your family have made to our nation. May God comfort and bless the Family and may they find peace in their hearts someday.
The most selfless man I've ever met / Alvin (Izzy) Irizarry (Crew dog & Friend)    Read >>
fallen buddy / JAROD ODUM (CREWDOG/FREIND)    Read >>
My 2nd dad / Shawna Thorman (little sister)    Read >>
Great guy, massive loss / Martin Letang (Good Friend)    Read >>
A Missed Buddy / Phil Yarbrough (Friend, Sugarbear)    Read >>
Lost Friend / Amanda And Ray Martineau (Friend)    Read >>
A true loss / Derek Lehr (friend)    Read >>
Deepest sympathy (Republic Singapore Air Force) / James ((RSAF))    Read >>
A missed friend / Nate Jorgensen (Crewdog)    Read >>
I Feel Great For Having Known Chuck Sanders / Frankie "Puffy" Bagley (Crew Chief 078)    Read >>
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His legacy
His Family - Co-Workers - Friends  
Gwen, Drake and Sydney are going to be Chuck's most visual and greatest legacy.  His dedication to his wife and children are apparent to all that knew him. 

His impact on friends and co-workers during his time in the Army will also be a lasting legacy.  After reading all of the tributes and candles that have been lit I can finally produce this page.  I am certain that the things Chuck taught his fellow crew members will stay with them throughout their careers and the memory of his beautiful personality will live in their hearts till they all meet again. 

His final legacy will be that he was, is and always will be a HERO to me, my family and all that knew him or knew of him.  Thank you Chuck. 
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